Drift Lace
Drift LaceDrift LaceDrift LaceDrift LaceDrift Lace

Blue Feet Studio


Handwoven Wrap

~ Lace: a net to catch light. This one is remarkably soft in texture and gently flowing in color. The lace weave lifts the weft threads so that they they drift lightly across the vivid colors of the warp. 

Weave Structure: Atwater Bronson lace. 
Color: Grey-green weft on a color-gradient warp of light indigo, rose, lavender, floating into aquamarine and violet, then a deeper side of dark blues, greens, amethyst.  

Dimension: Wrap, 14 x 74”

Fiber: Tencel (eco-friendly; eucalyptus-based; strong and lustrous)
Care: handwash, cool water, air dry, steam iron