Decorative Plate Collection -
Decorative Plate Collection -

ultraWAVE Art Metal Studio


This edition of the Studio’s decorative vessels presents a unique design inspired by quantum mechanics, which resolves the alternating behavior of light as both a wave and a unitary particle. Perceived in the course of ocean side meditations, the complementary formats of “ocean pulse” and “ocean wave” gradually developed as signature designs of the Studio.

The edition features formed heavy gauge copper and kiln-fired transparent enamel glass overlay (“basse-taille”). After the vessel is formed, an intricate design of multiple heights is acid-etched as a center roundel in the copper.  Multiple kiln firings of the transparent vitreous enamel on the etched roundel design yield a continuous glass layer that serves to reflect back natural (or display) light in a captivating manner. After the multiple kiln firings are finished, the metal "reserve", surrounding the glass cells, is energized by applying the Studio's formulary blend of patinas.

The plates in this edition measure approximately 12" diameter x 0.5" high and present the inlay design and color as pictured, with slight variations in each work. Included in the price of the plate is the accompanying stand; the total display height is approximately 17".

Allow 4-6 weeks for production.