Custom Xochitl (Flower) Ring
Custom Xochitl (Flower) RingCustom Xochitl (Flower) Ring

Marisa Martinez


A beautiful stone of your choice is set next to blossoming flowers in silver or copper. The face of the ring is slightly off set on a solid ring shank to lay comfortably across two fingers rather than one. Hand built from sterling silver and patina's with a satin finish. Xochitl (flower in our indigenous language Nahuatl) This ring is a metaphor for growth and rebirth and a reminder that spring always comes, no matter how long and cold the winter may be in life. We are constantly growing and blooming in different ways. This ring pays homage to that growth and inspires the wearer to never give up hope. This ring is extremely comfortable to wear. I have made one for myself and wear it daily!

It is believed that many stones carry special earth medicine to protect, guide, and nourish your body and spirit. When you order we will communicate by email to choose stone and metals available from my beautiful collection for you to choose from for your custom ring.

Made to order

***Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery if it is made to order. Please note if you need as a gift to ensure delivery before the holidays.***

Ships Priority USPS. Includes polishing pad and gift box.