Cube Cascade
Cube CascadeCube Cascade

Lori Katz Ceramics

These hollow stoneware cubes are slab-built with additions of slips, underglaze and a cold wax/oil paint finish on the cubes with color. The cubes each hang simply on a screw from a hole in the back.
The grouping as shown measures 14"x 5"x 2.5". Individual cubes measure approximately 2.5" 2.5"x 2-3". 
The pieces you receive will have similar markings to those shown but will not be the exact pieces.
Accent cubes are available in green, orange, fuschia, cobalt, mustard, purple and gold-color metal leaf.

I'm happy to send images if you want to see how specific colors look together; just send a quick email to with your color choices and I'll get right back to you.