Crystal Terrarium
Crystal TerrariumCrystal Terrarium

Stern Glass Works


Stunning hand made Glass Terrarium perfect for small humidity loving houseplants, succulents and moss gardens. This terrarium has an open geometric design allowing for you to take control and let your inner creative out. Decide whether to display the terrarium laying down or standing up. This versatile terrarium is perfect for any collection, looks great in groups and offers endless possibilities as you design your planting! Choose between finishes of copper, black, and silver.

Crystal Terrarium KitLet your creativity and green thumb shine with this terrarium kit fully equipped with soil pre-mixed with high quality fertilizer, decorative stones, and a starter succulent sent bare roots.

Every terrarium is made by hand. Each piece of glass is cut and then ground. The glass is then wrapped in copper foil and then soldered together. Finally the pieces are soldered together and then the metal solder is patina-ed to it's final beautiful finish color.