Cranberry Mélange Shawl
Cranberry Mélange ShawlCranberry Mélange ShawlCranberry Mélange ShawlCranberry Mélange ShawlCranberry Mélange Shawl

Kelly Wove It


This series of shawls devoted to illustrating the magic that happens when combining the best fibers our planet has to offer. These shawls contain yarn derived from 7 different natural fibers, highlighting the best features of each to create a unique experience of softness, drape, sheen and warmth. Each scarf is woven from a unique blend of linen, cotton, silk, alpaca, mohair, merino wool, and tencel yarns individually selected for their unique color and texture.

This scarf features jewel tone reds and purples. The stripes transition from scarlet red to plum purple across the width of the shawl, giving it a dynamic view no matter how you wear it. You can't help but feel magical - and magically warm! - when you're wrapped in this shawl. It is large enough to cuddle into, but not so thick that you can't wear it as a scarf.

This shawl is approximately 26" wide and 85" long.

*Because of the complicated nature of of mixing different fiber types, every mélange shawl also comes with lifetime washing and care. If you ever feel that your shawl needs some tlc, just contact me and we'll arrange it!