Coffee Scoop Spoon Sterling Silver
Coffee Scoop Spoon Sterling SilverCoffee Scoop Spoon Sterling Silver

Sara Thompson

Minimally designed handmade sterling silver spoon.
Perfect for measuring your morning coffee grounds.
The bowl of the spoon measures approximately one tablespoon.

I designed this spoon with an extra long handle. The handle is hefty and made from forged silver wire.

Approximate measurements.
6.75 in long by 1.75 in across by .75 in deep.

Each piece starts out as a flat sheet of silver or wire and is made into a three dimensional form with traditional silversmithing techniques. Pieces are finished in a signature silky satin finish and signed with my name and 925 for sterling silver. Shipped gift-wrapped with care instructions.



Watch how I make my silver pieces and learn about my process!