Classic Round Vases - many patinas
Classic Round Vases - many patinasClassic Round Vases - many patinasClassic Round Vases - many patinasClassic Round Vases - many patinasClassic Round Vases - many patinas

David M Bowman Studio

David's simple and elegant Round Vase design has stood the test of time, being our most popular vase design for going on 40 years. It is now available in a couple of dozen patinas, and seven sizes from 3.5 to 12 inches in diameter (16 inch is available by special order - just contact us).

The vases are fabricated from brass sheet and bronze rod: cut by hand, hammered into a gently domed shape, brazed together with a ring between, textured, with feet added. Each one is tested for water tightness. Finally, they are colored using our range of traditional and modern sculptural patinas, mostly brushed on while heating the metal. 

The vases look great in an array of multiple sizes together, either the same color or in color combinations. When we do ACC shows in person, every once in a while the entire display of Round Vases is sold at once to fill someone's mantel or shelf. Alone or in a group they make their own sculptural design statement, and fit well with minimalist, Japanese-inspired, or Craftsman homes especially. They need no flowers to be an attractive element in any room, but they also set off flower arrangements beautifully.

The vases range from 3.5 inches to 12 inches diameter. They are relatively shallowly dished and therefore fit on fairly shallow shelves. They are heavy enough to be stable with or without water inside. 

We don't keep all sizes and patinas in stock, so they will be patinaed, or in some cases made from scratch, upon order. Most vases will ship in a week or two. The Mottled color is a burial patina which may take longer.

Even more colors available on our website,