Circular Compass Bird Brooch
Circular Compass Bird BroochCircular Compass Bird BroochCircular Compass Bird BroochCircular Compass Bird Brooch

L& S CYLINDER/Chickenscratch

We love old tools and are always on the lookout for something interesting to use in our pieces. A vintage compass is the basis for this fantastical Circular Bird Brooch and is fully operational! The body is fabricated by using dried and aged branches from a shrub in our yard that had needed to be trimmed because of bore beetles leaving the centers eaten away. We cast them together in resin and then augmented the piece by casting bright red accents in their interiors. Carved, it is a perfect match for the compass holding an actual pencil as a circular thought as well as a tool that makes circles!  The framework for the brooch is fabricated in brass and nickel silver accented in red enamel paint and the eye is cast in epoxy resin. The beak opens and closes, so it is positionable and the eye rolls! A wonderful piece for the clever at heart. 4.5 x 4.25 x 1.25” (variable).