Calming Body Salve
Calming Body SalveCalming Body SalveCalming Body Salve

julia elise


this salve features chamomile- and calendula-infused olive oils blended with beeswax and a mild lavender scent to induce calm and relaxation. it is perfect for massage, pre-bedtime moisturizer, or simply to invoke a little bit of calm in those every-day moments when you need a break. this salve can be used anywhere on your body.


the consistency of this salve is solid but it warms quickly to the touch of your fingers and is easily absorbed into your skin without feeling oily. 


ingredients: extra virgin olive oil*, chamomile*, calendula*, pure local beeswax, lavender essential oil

(*indicates organic ingredients)


2 ounce metal tin

handmade with love in minneapolis

price includes shipping