Lora Rust Ceramics

Framed porcelain quilt 14"h x 14"w x 1"d
Soda-Fired with copper green glaze with unique colorful effects from the soda's reaction with the copper.

Textured porcelain using Lora's unique technique of striking and pushing the clay with her personally designed tools. Finished with squares “sewn” together with wire and suspended in wooden frame for hanging on the wall.
"My mother gave me a love for pattern, color and fine craft, teaching me to needlepoint and quilt. Inspired by the Cathedral Window quilt pattern which was a favorite of hers, the porcelain squares are textured and delicately folded to “quilt” the clay.  The weaving of the porcelain squares with wire and suspended in a frame brings a reminder that memories can be fragile and elusive but durable representations can be treasured."