Bright Spirit Necklace
Bright Spirit NecklaceBright Spirit NecklaceBright Spirit Necklace

Sandra McEwen


Bright Spirit Necklace

I fabricated this necklace in the year 2020 and I’m sure a lot of you can understand that I had a lot of extra alone time in the studio.  During that time, I actually made two very large necklaces where I was exploring new techniques, trying new things, and really trying to push the boundaries of my own enameling and metalsmithing knowledge. This is the second of the pieces that I made- I tried to expand on what I learned on the first one, and grow a little bit as well.

The necklace has four main components. The central medallion which is the Dahlia Blossom, along with the tear shaped drop beneath it are pure cloisonné enamel on silver. The angel wings that flank either side of the medallion are champleve and cloisonné enamel. My initial thought about this piece was I was going to be making a “Black Dahlia” inspired necklace, with a black medallion in the center with golden wings flanking each side.  After a lot of thought, I loved the idea of  the Bright Spirit within us is still glowing strong, and decided to make that the centerpiece of this necklace. So the design was reversed to have the vivid color at the center expanding outward from within.

Materials: Vitreous Enamel, 24K Gold Wires, 18K Gold, Sterling Silver, Rhodolite Garnets