Breakfast Club
Breakfast ClubBreakfast ClubBreakfast Club

Jill Orlov

This miniature vignette is based on the famous scene in the 80's classic movie, The Breakfast Club. Five students in detention. In my representation, each student is represented with a symbolic and corresponding miniature detail:  The Criminal - his pocket knife and wallet chain; The Princess - her bento box sushi lunch; The Brain - his backpack and books; The Athlete - his varsity letter jacket; and The Basket Case - her sketch of a covered bridge in winter. All set upon a full sized open book made of vintage printer plates of noteworthy events and history of the past.
19-3/4" wide x 17" deep x 11-1/2" tall

Crating, shipping and full insurance are not included in the price. Fee to ship with quality art shipper approximately $1,500 including insurance depending on distance from the mid-Atlantic area. If located within 3 hours from Baltimore, we may be able to deliver directly at no additional cost.