Jacob Meer Ceramics


This pot was soda fired. Soda firing is a process of introducing sodium carbonate (soda) into a gas fired kiln at about 2100 degrees Fahrenheit. The sodium bonds with silica particles within the clay and creates a glazed surface that reacts with different clays. The soda does not disperse evenly on every pot; this creates varied surfaces from pot to pot, making each pot completely unique. All of the color on the outside of each piece is from the soda reacting with the clay and the kiln atmosphere.

My Bottles are wheel thrown and tooled to give it there characteristic markings. They are perfect as a decorative element or for holding your favorite flowers

Bottle 1 - 6"w x 11"h

Bottle 2 - 6"w x 11"h

Bottle 3 - 6"w x 10.5"h

Bottle 4 - 6"w x 9"h