Blue Bucket Basket
Blue Bucket BasketBlue Bucket BasketBlue Bucket BasketBlue Bucket Basket

Deanna Lynch


Coil basket made with a retired fleece blankets, weaving thrums, old pillowcases and wool yarn.

11.5 “ wide and 12.5” tall to the tips of the handles.

Sturdy like a little bucket.


I started making baskets during quarantine as a way to find order in the chaos. I have found that basketmaking is extremely satisfying (and very time-consuming). There is something special that happens when you take a soft and malleable medium and create a container or something sturdy and structured. It takes patience and strong hands but is also rewarding.

I have tested out each of the baskets I’ve made that year. I’ve used them to carry other projects around the house to work on and used them to carry my lunch outside and they have been tested by my cats…they approve and so do I. Now we’d like to share them. I’ll be making more but only slowly. These have all been made with old discarded textiles and wool yarn that was gifted to me. Some include weaving thrums, old clothes, old bedding, bits of handwoven fabric…Each is filled with stories and each is ready for you to take home and fill with your own, new, stories and adventures and things.