Bloom Pendant
Bloom PendantBloom PendantBloom Pendant

Stacey Lee Webber


Together artists Mark Wagner and Stacey Lee Webber combined their money techniques to develop a unique series of one of a kind wearables - Wagner making over the top, detailed dollar bill collages and Webber fabricating vintage silver quarters into one of a kind settings.  

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The Bloom Pendant is 30” of handmade sterling silver chain that slips over the head. The pendant is 2.5” in diameter hanging from the 30” chain and is made of vintage silver quarters and dimes and brass and currency collage by Mark Wagner.

Mark Wagner is an internationally renowned collage artist. He is best known for his currency collages and has been collected by the Museum of Modern Art, The Walker Art Center, the Library of Congress, and the Smithsonian Institution.  Follow his work at