Atlas Side Table Base w/ Tray Top, Black
Atlas Side Table Base w/ Tray Top, BlackAtlas Side Table Base w/ Tray Top, Black

Slice Furniture


Mid-Century Modern mash-up of the mid-fifties sharp angles with added softer blended edges. I cut the basic shapes on a CNC, but then work the blends carefully with a file, focusing on perfecting the areas where the round meets the flat of the leg.



  • This Atlas is stained with a black die and finished with an imported all-natural oil finish that is plant-based, VOC-free, completely non-toxic, and of extraordinary durability. in black, with a tray top.
  • The tray top is removable, with a raised lip that flows into two handles.  The tray, when not on the base, sits atop three felt pads, to give the tray height, and protect any surface it might be placed on.  
  • The table pictured is 26 inches tall with an 18-inch diameter top.