Birch Bark Bowls
Birch Bark BowlsBirch Bark BowlsBirch Bark BowlsBirch Bark BowlsBirch Bark BowlsBirch Bark Bowls

K. Allison Ceramics


Please expect unique variations in the size and shape of each piece.

Small: 2.0h x 4.75w 
Medium: 3.0h x 7.25w
Large: 4.0h x 9.5w x 10.0w
Extra Large: 5.5h x 13.25w
(Extra Large size is not currently in stock and will be made to order. Custom-made, hand-carved, and ready to ship within 8-12 weeks, Mid-July to Mid-August.)

Each one-of-a-kind piece makes a perfect snack, entree, server, fruit bowl or centerpiece for any occasion. Inspired by the distinctive bark of the white birch tree, these bowls are never perfectly round and always organically shape. They are hand-built porcelain coated with thin layers of underglaze and slips to create a base for the bark textures. Each knot and lenticel is hand carved. The unglazed exterior surface allows you to feel the bark quality in your hand, while the interior provides a contrasting bright white gloss glaze. Signed on bottom. Oxidation fired to cone 6.