Bar Spoon Sterling Silver
Bar Spoon Sterling SilverBar Spoon Sterling Silver

Sara Thompson


The ultimate bar spoon!
Handmade with sterling silver.
A chunky forged handle.

The bowl of the spoon measures approximately one teaspoon or 5 ml--an accurate measurement for a traditional American bar spoon. The long handle is heavily planished for easy handling. The opposite end is forged out and can be used as a muddler. You will receive one spoon.

Approximate measurements.
13 in long by 1.125 in across by .5 in deep.
2.5 ounces

Each piece starts out as a flat sheet of silver or wire and is made into a three dimensional form with traditional silversmithing techniques. Pieces are finished in a signature silky satin finish and signed with my name and 925 for sterling silver. Shipped gift-wrapped with care instructions.



Watch how I make my silver pieces and learn about my process!