Baba Yaga Story Lantern
Baba Yaga Story Lantern

Stern Glass Works


Inspired by Slavic folk lore this lantern not only glows with a beautiful green light but tells a story and envelops your into its narrative as your turn the lantern to view the consecutive scenes. Made with cut paper silhouettes preserved between two layers of glass the lantern is stunning during the day and magical at night when set aglow. This piece makes an amazing accent piece for your home. The lantern is sure to incite conversation with your guests and family when you display it on your coffee table, with your plants, or nestled into your display shelf. It sure to delight children as they experience the narrative and cast shadows. The lantern is made with a twisted wire handle and tall glass sides allowing you take it on a walk through the woods or anywhere else without fear of the candle blowing out. The base of the lantern is made out of a copper sheet allowing for easy wax removal once your candle has melted down. Candle is included with purchase.

Every lantern is made by hand. Each piece of glass is cut and then ground. The glass is then wrapped in copper foil and then soldered together. Finally the pieces are soldered together and then the metal is patina-ed to it's final beautiful black finish color.

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