Fur Painting on Copper
Fur Painting on CopperFur Painting on Copper

Christina Goodman

This painting depicts the lovely texture of fur, and was inspired a detail from a Renaissance portrait by Michel Sittow. (I do not advocate the wearing of actual fur!) This truly one-of-a-kind pendant was painted using fine brushes and a magnifier. Painted in acrylics on copper. The finest details could be rendered because of the smooth, prepared copper surface. The pendant measures 1 1/4” x 1 1/4”. The oxidized silver chain is 18”. The piece is sealed with varnish and a protective wax coating. As with all jewelry, store it carefully, in the provided pouch. Avoid exposing the painting to hair products or perfumes (apply before putting on jewelry). The painting, assembly and design are all done by me alone. I get some help with the panel cutting, but my studio is a solo operation!