Lori Katz


These ceramic wall squares are slab-built and measure approximately 10"x10" each. The  grouping, spaced as shown, measures 34"x 10 x 2.5"

"Rusty Grid" is stoneware with slips and a post-firing addition of a rusted steel wire grid attached to the slab with steel thread.
"Wired Circles" is stoneware with slips, stoneware additions, kanthal wire, stains and glaze. Kanthal wire has a high melting point so is included in the construction of the wet clay piece and goes through all firings as part of the piece. In this piece the wire surrounds each circle.
"Lines and Squares" is 

stoneware with slips, stoneware additions, kanthal wire and stains. In this piece the wire is used to attach the black clay squares to the slab.

Each square is backed on wood and wired to hang simply from a picture hook. 

The pieces can be arranged horizontally as shown, vertically or in a grouping of your design. They can also be paired with any of the pieces in the "10" Wall Square Grouping" listing.

I'm happy to send images if you want to see how specific pieces look together; just send a quick email to lori@lorikatz.com with your choices and I'll get right back to you.

Individual squares are $545 and measure approximately 10"x10"x2.5"
The grouping shown is $1635