Lori Katz Ceramics


This wall square grouping is comprised of fifteen component squares. The squares can be purchased as the grouping shown or individually; specify your choices at checkout.

Spaced as shown, the grouping measures 34"x 58"x 2.5"-3.5" and is $8400. Individual squares measure approximately 10"x 10"x 2.5"-3.5" and are $575 each.

The squares are stoneware, two are porcelain, with additions that include slips, stoneware embellishment, stoneware inlay, kanthal wire, stains and glaze. 

Each square is backed on wood and wired to hang simply from a picture hook. 

The grouping can be arranged as shown, horizontally, in a line or in an arrangement of your design. A hanging template for the spacing shown is provided with purchase of a group of six or more.

I'm happy to send images if you want to see how specific pieces look together; just send a quick email to lori@lorikatz.com with your choices and I'll get right back to you.