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Public Glass

Public Glass is a nonprofit arts organization committed to providing access to the resources needed to make explorations in glass a possibility for everyone. Outreach includes a full curriculum of glass courses taught by locally and nationally recognized artists, a product line designed and produced by professional artists, and programming for under-resourced youth and adults.

Susan McKinney of SKINNY

SKINNY is a creative studio based in Marin, California, and founded by Susan McKinney, a contemporary ceramic artist and industrial designer. The studio is a place to explore clay’s materiality, connecting Susan’s passion for inventive design with natural materials. Today, her ceramic work is known for its expressive, organic forms and uniquely woven style. Her artwork seeks to connect people to the wonders of the natural world, especially the unseen ones.

Rebecca Myers

Sublime beauty can be found in natural forms and patterns, and the work of Rebecca Myers is an exploration in layering metal, constructing form, and sprinkling sparkle to achieve the natural patterns and forms that are awe-inspiring to all of us. High-Karat gold, platinum, and oxidized silver are often combined to achieve the dichotomy of dark and light found in many patterns in nature. Rebecca owns and operates Rebecca Myers Collection, a jewelry studio and gallery located in Baltimore, Maryland.

Cedric Mitchell

Cedric Major Mitchell is a Los Angeles-based glass artist from Oklahoma who honed his skills while studying business at Tulsa Community College. Inspired by an eccentric mix of graffiti art, pop culture, mid-century modern, and Memphis design, Cedric creates work that ranges from functional to decorative art, combining simplicity in design with bold colors to craft handblown vessels with a purpose.

Barbara Glynn Prodaniuk

Clay is an exciting, responsive medium to explore, and the finished object can be a simple pleasure to use. Barbara creates unique ceramic sculptures and pottery using wheel-thrown and slab construction techniques. Sculptural pieces may include some mixed-media elements that are chosen with care to help make the piece resonate with a shared cultural experience and often evoke memories that make people laugh. Barbara has operated her ceramic studio in Truckee, California, since 1981.

Denisa Piatti

Originally from Slovakia, Denisa Piatti studied goldsmithing with a focus on traditional jewelry techniques for four years. She supplemented her skill with an additional BA Honours degree in 3D design in Scotland, where she experimented with a wide range of jewelry-atypical, materials-acrylics, porcelain, and wood. After graduating with a first class degree, she moved to Zanzibar, Tanzania, and worked as a jewelry tutor and designer for a women empowerment project. Denisa is currently living in Washington D.C.