My Favorite Piece

Participating pop-up artists share a favorite piece from their collection and speak to what makes it so special.

Maralyn Wilson Art

Vestavia, AL

My favorite piece is the piece I have just completed and it’s called “Inside My Head”. It’s made of sculptured clay and encaustic medium and includes a found object. When you open the door you will actually see what’s inside my head.

Marion Angelica Porcelain

Minneapolis, MN

I will be displaying my hand-built porcelain massage mug in my studio at The Northern Clay Center and explaining its unique handle and how it massages your hands as you drink from it.

Caitlin Albritton Jewelry

Tampa, FL

I make figurative mosaic-style jewelry crafted from sterling silver and natural stones made for creative souls. Listen to the inspiration behind my piece “Arcadia’s Repose” here; she’ll be available for sale during this pop-up!

Linda Wren Ceramics

Henrico, VA

One of my favorite sculptures is 'Marybelle', chosen for her color and colorful personality. Captioned: 'Twas the 50's. Everything prim and proper at the club. Until, of course it wasn't.

Jacob Rogers Art

Sewickley, PA

We design and build contemporary art furniture. This clock is part of a series of one-of-a kind large wall clocks. We love the way the wood and acid etched metal art are integrated to carry the numbers on this 42" tall clock. The curly maple wood is a show stopper!

Joy of Glass

Washington DC

This video shows why, among all my children -- I mean my jewelry pieces -- my favorite is my Gold Butterfly pendant. Like all my jewelry, it incorporates Argentium silver and glass; this piece also includes gold.

Kathryn Bowman Studio LLC

St. Charles, MO

I have not used black in my jewelry until recently. It is a huge transition for me. I'm having a lot of fun with black now and love how it makes other colors pop.


The Downtown Los Angeles Quilt is one the favorite textile pieces that I've made for Textilepop, and was an easy choice for this video clip as city skylines are often especially evocative for people. This view has been familiar to me for decades and feels like home.

Suzanne Schwartz Jewelry

Westchester, NY

My favorite piece, the Fluidity Necklace, demonstrates the influence of textiles and stitching in my work.

Becka Rahn

Minneapolis, MN

Shhh! Want to know a secret? I'll show you my favorite unexpected art material which I used to make this brand new "Walk in the Park" design.

Thomas Hughes

One of my favorite forms that I have used in my work is the Tulip flower. They were everywhere this spring shouting "Look At Me"! So I carved a small Tulip storage vessel and graced it with a Box to live in!

Pauletta Brooks Wearable Art

New York City, NY

The “Cactus Spirit Quartz Necklace” from my collection is a true favorite due to the diverse selection of minerals in rich vibrant colors and the textured, organic feel in how they are uniquely sculpted.

Betsy Bauer Studio - Wrappedrockz

Santa Fe, NM

Join me for a behind-the-scenes look at my Wrappedrockz necklaces.

Cara May Knits

Asheville, NC

I knit this terra cotta color Corset Cardi using cashmere and silk-wrapped stainless steel, corset cinched by repurposed raw silk sari ribbon -- beautiful fall layering sweater over anything from jeans to dresses.

Hilary Pfeifer

Portland, OR

One of my brand new mixed media sculptures using over nine different types of reclaimed wood which I gathered over the years from fellow artist's scrap bins, as well as an aluminum bird silhouette and embedded colored pencils as a fun design element.

Bluefeet Studio

Arrowsic, ME

A favorite piece? I love them all! A favorite series of handwoven scarves is “Ebb and Flow” -- weaving some of my observations of the rhythms and counterrhythms of ocean waves.

Dani Fused Glass

Weston, FL

This is the video of my favorite piece, and why it makes me so happy whenever I see it. It speaks to the piece's colors and the smooth design.

Alex Olson Arts, LLC

Brooklyn, NY

I created this faceted and textured vase using an iron-rich stoneware clay. I love how the subtle woodfired surfaces and gradients of shell and stone impressions make this piece feel weathered and organic— like it could be an object from the natural landscape.

Toni Seymour Handwoven

Novato, CA

I’m always looking to create movement in my weaving. I made this piece that creates movement in the person viewing it. The viewer is smiling. What fun it was to create this piece, smiling all the way while weaving it.

Barbara Schulman Textiles

Bethlehem, PA

My video explains why "I Am Everyone" is one of my favorite quilted, painted, & dyed pieces.

Heather Kerley Art

Bowie, MD

I try to include a new centrepiece work for every marketplace event. This is my new abstract wall hanging available for sale. This piece represents a new evolution in my work. Appropriately, the stitching was inspired by natural processes, creation, metamorphosis, tendrils reaching out, touching, dying, decaying, everything in flux.

Lori Katz Ceramics

I'm Lori Katz and I'm excited to share one of my pieces that will be offered for sale during the ACC pop up!


Oakland, CA

I have a lot of favorites, but The Backpack is at the top of my list!

STUart Jewelry Designs LTD

This pendant was very complicated to make, but I like to challenge myself with new techniques. In the end this beautiful pendant was created.

Susan Panciera Jewelry Studio

St. Peter, MN

“I Am Woman” earrings. Most of my jewelry is purely aesthetic, simply art as adornment. This design is a bit of an exception. I created these playful stylized woman symbol for those of us who like to feel strong and show it!

Tracy Mastro

I enjoyed the process of assembling multiple enameled pieces into one collage, working out how to make each section stand alone and relate as a whole.

Yuri Kinoshita

This is Morie - my forest/woven light. I love the fluid shape of this piece!

Val Damon

I am currently rock-hounding and learning lapidary in Tucson and I miss the ocean. For that reason, this piece transformed into a talisman of Coney Island beach, boardwalk and amusement park for me. I am fascinated by the juxtaposition of the architectural elements I create with organic elements like sand.

beth aimée jewelry

I wear the Rough Montana Sapphire Necklace every day, along with the Rough Montana Sapphire Hoops. I source local, natural sapphires in green and blue hues, and pair them with hand-fabricated recycled sterling silver. It's my favorite because it has a rustic elegance and an easy style that fits with my mountain lifestyle.

Ann Williamson Designs

Portland, OR

Even my smallest kimono silk remnants are too beautiful to throw out. I save and piece them together to make my scarves. Cut, laid out, then sewn together, each one is unique and special. From Scraps to scarf, watch my video to see me make one for the October pop-up.

Regina Design

This is OMG, one of my Socially Speaking rugs. The letters are woven with beautiful, undyed, natural Churro sheep wool raised locally by my friend, Bob Shepherd. He doesn't have the sheep anymore so this is one of the last pieces I'll have available using wool from the sheep he raised.