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Wone and Youa Vang of Third Daughter, Restless Daughter

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Music can be a connector in many situations, and everyone gravitates to certain tunes like children to a pied piper. Third Daughter, Restless Daughter is made up of two individual sisters, both with extremely differing tastes in music. Yet, their song picks somehow fit together to become parts of a whole, much like their work with their business.  

“Empowerment at its finest. The playlist selection embraces the devotion to create among the current state of the world while grooving to jazz-tinged vocals as well as toe-tapping, high-energy funk songs.” —Wone Vang

“Beginning, middle, and where we might end. The albums allow me to find connections in how humans are never in a solid state – that we are meant to have many different roles as we pass through life.” —Youa Vang

Third Daughter, Restless Daughter creates unique cross-stitches that depict progressive work not usually seen in traditional embroidery. The unconventional work allows sisters Wone and Youa Vang to speak to all consumers and individuals who want artwork that voices their thoughts in pretty X’s. Influenced at a young age by their grandmother's traditional Hmong embroidery, the duo uses their love of pop culture and imagery to modernize old-fashioned cross-stitches.

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