My Studio Soundtrack

Dongyi Wu

About My Soundtrack

"I always have trouble explaining my music taste to others. The contents of my music playlist are mixed with various styles and languages, but it is interesting to find that they are still bound. It reminds me of my artworks: very different looking among individual series but connected by secret rules. I enjoy creating a relaxing, joyful, creative, and imaginative atmosphere to get motivated and inspired when pursuing my art practice. When closing eyes, the songs might bring me to a small town that feels at ease. I imagine myself as a traveling person who narrates stories in the town, recording interesting and beautiful stories. The small but shining treasures found in the journey stimulate my curiosity and imagination to create these unique and refreshing wearable arts."

About Dongyi Wu

Dongyi Wu is a contemporary jewelry artist based in San Antonio. Dongyi creates works with her unique and expressive language while making them wearable and well crafted. Collecting ideas from literature books, her experiences, and psychology research, Dongyi lets free imagination and inspiration guide her in designing objects to wear.