My Studio Soundtrack

Megan Lagueruela of Megan-Ilene

About My Soundtrack

"Music became more important to me during the pandemic because it served as another connection to the outside world (that I was lacking due to isolation). 

I remember a late 90s film was added to Netflix, and I watched it on Netflix Party with a group of friends (all in different cities/states). I then saw the movie soundtrack on Spotify. There's a certain synergy when a song is released or becomes popular and you know others are listening to it at the same time. It was a poignant reminder that we all can share experiences even when physically separated."

About Megan-Ilene

Megan-Ilene is a zero-waste, biodegradable clothing brand, and Megan is a fiber artist who makes clothes. All materials used are completely biodegradable. All dyes used are either natural or low impact, and water use is limited. All patterns are designed to prevent textile off-fall. All silhouettes are forgiving and functional and are meant for a myriad of body types, shapes, and genders. All items are made in North Carolina and produced by entities receiving a fair, livable wage.