My Studio Soundtrack

Sherród Faulks of DEEP BLACK

About My Soundtrack

"Nothing gets me through a long throwing, trimming, and glazing session like a pumping playlist. For me, this playlist is the ultimate blend of current and throwback, Hip-hop and R&B, ass-shaking and head-banging. Music immerses me in a sea of sensation; when the mood is just right, I’m inspired to do my best work and push through the challenging parts of creation. This playlist begins with 'Formation' and ends with 'HUMBLE,' intentionally. Let it serve as a reminder that you are immense and yet have far to go."

About Sherród and DEEP BLACK

Sherród Faulks is a multidisciplinary ceramics designer living in his ancestral city of Portsmouth, Virginia. In 2019, he created the ceramic goods and lifestyle brand DEEP BLACK. Sherród creates handmade ceramic goods with a luxe modern aesthetic at affordable prices. DEEP BLACK is a color, mood, movement, and community.