Zona Baari

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  • About This Artist

    Zona Baari was created by Ruqayyah Alzona Albaari in 2018. Zona Baari was developed from a need to utilize the human body and mind to its full creative capacity, resulting in organic shapes, metaphysical symbolism, and hand-formed objects. The “human touch” is critical to the ethos of Zona Baari, which adheres to experiment with primitive human creative instinct and the capability to “form” beauty through tangible design.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Everything is by hand - I work with ceramics, metal, and textile. Most of how I begin making begins in experimentation , I haven't taken classes. Much of my mistakes became part of my methods for creating.

    A: The flexibility of clay is very important to me. The ability to shape with my hands without tools is my ideal way to create. I embrace natural forms and small imperfections, it can actually enhance the feel of the work. Additionally, I'm quite fascinated by the human potential and part of potential involves embracing limitations, those limitations. I choose to see those limitations as an enhancement in my own aesthetic, since it requires me to get creative with my process.

    A: Inspiration comes from feeling. I usually create shapes either from 2D sketches and then expand as I make 3D versions in clay. Sculpting between mediums of clay, and wax for metal casting has given me various ways to envision an object in its most luminous form. I intend for everything that I make to be felt beauty.

    A: Music is a major influence in my process. I'd say the artist D'Eon has been the most played during much of my sketching and well as sculpting.

    A: Craft can be seen as a more approachable form of art making I feel. There seems to be an immediate application of where these items might exist. The availability of that creation can offer closeness to an artist, idea, or culture that would otherwise be out of reach.

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