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Meet the Artist

  • About This Artist

    Zhuwei Lu was born in a suburb of Shanghai, China. After graduating from high school, she went to college in Wuhan to learn the traditional Chinese art of lacquer. After college she chose to pursue her dream of becoming a jewelry designer and she came to the United States to study jewelry design at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

    The new world gave her a broader mind and she learned more techniques such as electroforming, a technique she was attracted to because it transforms the intangible into the tangible and grows a very interesting texture, and she gradually came up with her own philosophy of jewelry design through trial and error.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: The works of mine focus on the possibilities between metals, she enjoys experimenting with different techniques to explore metals, such as electroforming, casting or soldering, and she is happy to work with even the most basic metals such as copper, brass and bronze.

    A: I think electroforming is a very interesting process, it is a process of turning the invisible into the tangible. In this process, the structure of the jewelry is gradually formed and finally becomes a piece that can be worn.

    A: I chose the technique of electroforming to illustrate the process of transformation, in which copper ions flow in solution and adhere to another surface, forming textures that are uncontrollable which in turn create more possibilities.

    A: The interesting thing about electroforming is that it is not controllable. But the uncontrollable is actually controllable, and the controllable part is what you end up with. In fact, every time I end up with a finished piece, there are always some surprises.

    A: Undoubtedly, my professors helped me a lot, both technically and mentally, they were very AMAZING and I am very grateful to them.

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