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  • About This Artist

    Zhenwei Chu is a contemporary jewelry designer and maker. She utilized a traditional metal craft and a new technique of resin casting to create contemporary jewelry. The passion that comes from the process of exploration and innovation motivates her to think and create. The process of turning an idea into an actual artwork contributes most to the value of her art career. Zhenwei devotes her emotion to the artwork that makes every single piece is souled and unique

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Sterling silver and resin are the main material I utilize in my work. Every single resin is cast in a disposable model. The resin piece presents one-of-a-kind finishing after finely cutting, sanding, and polishing. Strings-in-Resin is a unique technique I explore, which builds a three-dimensional visual effect in a clear resin. The design of the metal part echoes resin to enhance the overall design.

    A: There is lots of possibility of resin. Design and layout strings in resin are my favorite part of the making process. Though it is a little piece, it gives me an endless space to create and develop. Sanding and polishing resin train me to be patient and concentrated.

    A: I represent geometry and spatial sense by creating three-dimensional jewelry. The traditional metal craft and the new technique of resin cast make contemporary jewelry unique.

    A: I believe art jewelry is alive. It is not literature, but it still can express concepts without words. English is not my first language, so sometimes I have difficulty representing in-depth. A few years ago, my professor told me my work can present itself much better than my writing and speech. People create art. But these creations help creators to communicate, which overcome the difference of culture, race, and nationality.

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