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    Yunan Ma Fiber Art is handmade by the artist in the SF Bay Area. Yunan works with the finest natural fibers including merino wool, alpaca wool, mohair, and silk, that are carefully selected from top yarn mills around the world. With fine arts and knitwear design background, Yunan believes art is more than beautiful texture and exquisite craftsmanship. Inspired from growing up memories and natural objects, every piece depicts a storytelling experience by interpreting energy in a cheerful way.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: My works are inspired by my growing up memories and natural objects. The techniques applied to the work includes hand weaving, knotting, felting, and crocheting.

    A: I studied knitwear design in graduate school, and I was able to go to NYFW with my knitwear collection. The materials I worked with for my knitwear collection were all very high end yarns, mostly mohairs and wools from Italy. I fell in love working with these natural fibers because they look good and feel good, and it is long lasting and sustainable. When I started by artwork business, I chose to only work with natural fibers such as corriedale wool, merino wool, alpaca wool, silk and cotton.

    A: My background is in fine arts and fashion design. I grew up learning drawing. My father told me I was able to draw a closed circle when I was 10 month old. I have Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Marketing and Management, and Master of Fine Arts in Fashion Design.

    A: I am very inspired by Ernst Haeckel's illustration book. He is a German biologist and illustrator. He draws immense scientific details of microscopic organisms from animals, plants and insects. It is such an amazing way to appreciate lives. I immediately inspired by the intricate details in his illustration. It encouraged me to be more creative with the materials I work with, and to design original texture to my work surface, in order to better deliver the message I want to tell my audiences.

    A: I worked with a brand called Love Fest Fibers, where I get the core spun yarns from. I built a great relationship with the Owner. She loved my work and appreciated how I created the "polka dot" texture by combing two colors of yarns. She got inspired by the texture and developed a new collection of core spun yarn that have a different color on the inside. I think this is a great way of collaborating, and it is also an opportunity for me to give back to the art and craft community.

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