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  • About This Artist

    I am independent jewelry designer and gold&silversmith. I always focus on the balance of movement and direction. My designs are sometimes inspired by unique gem stones. I do most of lapidary work myself as well as all of the design and production. My techniques are hand fabricated and constructed.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: My techniques are hand fabricated, constructed and gold-silversmithing. I do most of lapidary work myself as well as all of design and production. My designs have two different themes. One is exploration of three dimensional abstraction and the other is organic and whimsical.

    A: The beauty of the natural gems sometimes leads me for creating unique designs. I am fascinated by making jewelry because jewelry can emphasize the character of person who wear it. Natural gems have power of beauty which cannot be created by human power.

    A: My jewelry design has sometimes stories of whimsical and fantasy. These designs make people smile and happy.

    A: I think the materials of craft are not only precious materials ( even jewelry ) but also can be any materials. Whenever and whatever artist make craft , we have to have some philosophy and direction of the design. People can feel the message from it. I think these massage has the power to connect people. The power will become the movement to stronger community.

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