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    I am originally from Taiwan. I came to the United States in 2019 and began to explore the art of Glass. At Rochester Institute of Technology, I merge my passion for photography and glass. I made many short films focusing on the performative aspect of molten glass. Besides the cinematography side of me, I also work in glass blowing. For me, I enjoy the hands-on processes because this is how I get most of my inspiration from.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Folded vases are a one-of-a-kind hand-blown glass vessel. The multilayer membranous structure is achieved by creasing the glass bubbles and blowing them into elongated sheets, giving a multi-layer and almost multi-media effect. On the surface, bundles of thin lines travel across the vase. The irregularity of the lines adds an organic and heterozchedastic effect, resembling nature.

    A: My art practice is a tribute to our crafting hands. Sensual feelings are mostly perceived by hands. The movement of working with glass could be highly seductive and manipulating. Glass is a magical material due to its multiple states of forms. It lives in solid and liquid depending on the temperature. It allows me to explore a variety of techniques and find which best speaks to my concept of female sexuality. A topic that I have been working on in my artist career after I came to the U.S.

    A: I am proud to be an artist who focuses on material. My knowledge of glass gives me a non-human-centric point of view. As a maker, I learned how to realize my idea based not only on my intention but also on the consideration of material property. The moment of being present is the moment of “Wonder.” To let go of the traffic in our life and be highly focused on listening to what glass wants to do.

    A: My father, who enjoy collecting art works from different artists.

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