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Meet the Artist

  • About This Artist

    Born in Shanghai, China. Layla Yanfeng Li is studying MFA degree in jewelry design at Savannah College of Art and Design. She believes art is creating a new language, a new link to the world, a way for people to review themselves. And the design is about finding the delicate balance between aesthetics and function and creating a good connection between people and objects. The goal she is trying to achieve is to create jewelry accessories that are both functional and artistic.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Three of them are wax carving and the other two are fabrication. I add enamel on one of them to make it looks more colorful.

    A: I feel exciting when i did the Plique-à-Jour enamel. It is my first time to do it. I failed a lot but finally it successful.

    A: When I try to use stainless steel mesh material on jewelry, I thought it was a crazy idea. After finished the pieces, it shows good. It combines the softness of fabric with the malleability of metal.

    A: Craft gives me time to be alone. I really enjoy putting on my headphones and entering a world isolated from the outside world while I'm making.

    A: Banksy, the famous street artist. His works are telling a story with the statement. I my trying to create my pieces have storytelling character, like a freeze frame of a movie scene.

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