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  • About This Artist

    "Life is truly a balancing act. As individuals, families and communities we depend on each other to maintain balance. If one of us is out of sync, our entire family is out of balance.

    As a child, I could not stay still. Always playing sports, dancing and obsessed with movement. Our class attended a Calder exhibit in NYC and I refused to leave. I was 4 years old.

    Although math and physics were not my favorite subjects, I am able to feel my way through the art of balancing various metals. Together with gravity, air, color, shape, wind and that motion I love. Creating mobiles and stabiles is my passion."

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: My mobiles and stabiles are hand bent and hand balanced. Made with copper, steel and stainless steel. Once I have a design in mind, I draw it on cardboard and cut it out. My prototypes are then made with thin wire and various weights. Once all is figured out, I trace the shapes on metal and cut out by hand and drill holes where the pieces will balance, making and necessary adjustments. The final designs are drawn on the computer and cut out by a laser.

    A: I love working with all metal but especially enjoy working with copper. When I apply a acid wash to copper, it takes on a different color and hue depending on the weather. Most of my work is done outside and if I am lucky enough to have it snow, the copper will be a bright orange and red, a beautiful color that only nature can create.

    A: What my customers are blown away by is that there is no welding with my stabiles. All of the work is a free form balance of various weights and fulcrums Some of my sculptures consist of 25 pieces all balanced with adjustable weights. They also appreciate the fact that all of my work is weather resistant, maintenance free and able to withstand high winds.

    A: Wonder plays a role when the snow and ice beautifully change the angle of my sculptures.

    A: My two sons Cameron and Gabriel inspire my life every day, they are my heart and soul. Also, Alexander Calder has inspired my work since I was four years old.

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