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    A Kansas City, MO native, Whitney Manney graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2012 with a BFA in Fibers. With a desire to create art in a wearable format, Manney creates garments and textile designs under her independent label WHITNEYMANNEY. Creating a narrative between color and pattern is a signature of Manney's work, "My job isn't done until everybody in the world believes fashion is art".

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A:  I am a fashion and textile designer, I create ready-to-wear garments. I like to work with cotton knits and denims that I can hand dye or print. Silk organza is also my favorite to dye. I also work with digitally printed fabrics using textile designs that I create by hand and digitally manipulate.

    A: I started sewing because I liked the idea of being able to remix existing clothing into a new idea. I love being able to take an idea from a 2d sketch to a real life wearable piece that can transform the body.

    A: I think my use of color and pattern is the unique element of my work. I'm able to mix and match elements that no one else would think of, I have a unique ability to intentionally push a garment or pattern to the limit without taking it overboard.

    A: Spending my summers teaching basic sewing in the community has always been a great example of collaboration. I work with a lot of different kids and usually by the end of the programming they have learned some new skill or something new about themselves, whether is sewing related or not. It's pretty cool to see them find their confidence and support one another, help leach other with projects, give feedback and provide encouragement.

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