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    WGK Glass Art's aim is to create unique and exceptional glass pieces for a wide spectrum of glass collectors & glass art lovers worldwide. The company grew fast and soon Sandera Jahn and John Zinner, two respected and world famous torch workers, joined the team. Fromthen on, the team started exhibiting at many art and craft shows, as well as Galleries and Museums nationwide and througout the world.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: We use colored glass rods and shape them over a flame from a torch to create our pieces.

    A: We love working with glass because of the vibrant colors and the endless ideas we can create.

    A: There are very few torch workers in the US who can create such detailed figurines using soft glass.

    A: We love to create things inspired by nature but we also use our imagination. For example, our Hummingbirds are mostly stemmed from our imagination.

    A: Dali.

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