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  • About This Artist

    SHENEQUA is an Artpreneur and Founder of Weave Your Dreams Into Reality Studios LLC, she celebrates ideas of sisterhood, womanhood, sacred space, intimacy, identity and beauty with her custom woven pieces. Weaving synthetic-hair tells a story about an experience shared with the women in her life who she loves. Her art is born from the traditional craft of weaving because it tells a story that ties her back to where she came from.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I use synthetic-hair, cotton, strips of fabric, variations or yarn, wooden beads, and hair accessories. I get my materials from the Beauty Supply store and online. My process begins with me researching patterns I like, recreating my own pattern, dressing the loom, and start weaving.

    A: It's a connection that ties me to my family and ancestors, memories shared with the ones I love, celebrates my crown (paying homage to the Black Hair Salon.

    A: Watching movies and tv shows that make me laugh and cry, talking to family and friends, exercising, and eating delicious Senegalese food.

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