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    Deborah Vivas is a multidisciplinary artist with a background in architecture. She approaches her designs through order, color and form. Her current work expresses a play with light, dimension and surface formations. She uses a combination of metals, fine gold and fine silver fused to mild steel using a torch. This mix of metals creates unique patterns and textures, which are accentuated with a dark blue heat patina.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: My work is made of mild steel fused with the purest form of gold and silver (24kt gold and 999 silver) creating in each piece a unique pattern and texture, similar to fingerprints, no two are alike. The patterns are reminiscent of surging ocean waves or swirling cosmos and they are accentuated with a dark blue flame patina.

    A: For me it is all about the process, transforming raw material into a wearable sculpture with my hands and small tools. My favorite part is using the torch, during the fusing I am mesmerized by the way the pure gold blends with the pure silver, creating different tonalities and patterns that are different each time. Is also exciting how the flux etches the steel in a way that complements the fusing.

    A: About me, I was born in Canada and raised in Venezuela, Spanish is my first language. About my work, I’ll let you in on a little secret - during the finishing process I polish the mixture of fine gold and fine silver with a fine pointed burnisher, its mostly a circular motion but I often write words that come up in my mind while polishing. After I’m finished polishing the jewelry piece you are not able to read the words, so no one will ever know what I wrote.

    A: Once the fusing is completed the piece turns black form the oxides created during the process. After cleaning the piece and placing it under the microscope, I find my moment of wonder - as I’m able to see all the little details of how the silver and gold mixed together.

    A: Yes, my partner, she's my right hand and she is involved in every piece I make.

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