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    Vitreluxe was founded by Lynn Everett Read with the concept that product design should have a strong technical foundation to deliver quality, craftsmanship and creativity. At our core is a respect for the creative heritage of the Studio Glass Movement. This tradition is rooted in exploration, inventiveness with the influence of international tradition. The studio is proud to offer the finest quality made by hand in Portland, Oregon.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I work with Soda Lime glass. We use commercial color but have been starting to explore creating colored my in house using rare earth pigments.

    A: Glass in the a very versatile material. For me it is a culmination of all things I love doing in the process on making objects. It brings my interest in both painting and sculpting plus the beauty of illumination and optics. It's both educational and inspirational and when I am in the zone of making it's a meditation.

    A: Currently I am trying to study glass formulas to find a spontaneous striking opaline white. A company called Sugahara in Japan makes the most beautiful version and it's inspiring.

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