Vind Ludvigsen Mads

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    I am a Danish artist/designer. I graduated from The Gerrit Rietveld Academie in The Netherlands in 2008 and have been practicing art long before this and ever since. I make many things, but have a big focus on wooden spoons, which requires a lot of skill, focus and a certain discipline.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Since moving to Asheville in 2020 I've been blessed with an abundance of glorious scrap wood, which is my preferred medium. I observe the grain, let my mind wander, draw on the wood and finally start whittling - until I'm done!

    A: I feel very fortunate to have landed in Asheville, NC, surrounded by beautiful wood ! I guess I am constantly working on a never ending cornucopia of spoon collection. The deep colors of real Appalachian lumber is a true delight.

    A: I have made it my mission to never repeat a shape I'm my whittling. It would anyway be a difficult task to make exact replicas of a certain shape, so I take that circumstance into the extreme and keep looking forward into new types of shapes always.

    A: I once saw a beautiful short film of an old man in Finland who, over the course of a year, made a pair of skis from one birch tree. Very inspiring!

    A: I am extremely grateful to have been included in this year's event and look so much forward to be inspired by the hard work of this amazing community. As a relative newcomer to America especially, I see the craft community as a way to keep building a sense of belonging and home.

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