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Meet the Artist

  • About This Artist

    I hand fabricate jewelry with sterling silver and epoxy resin; a clear, lightweight and durable material. I combine my graphic silver designs with a composite inlay of resin, pigments, stones and pearls to create my signature line. I also work with Juma, a synthetic ivory. By combining precious metals with a variety of materials that are often discounted as ordinary I create a line of pieces that are bold, whimsical, high-tech and fun to wear.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: My work is hand fabricated using a variety of techniques. I rely more on the desired effect I want to achieve than decide what materials would help me complete my designs. Many of the elements in my pieces are designed on a computer, cut with a CNC milling machine or a 3D printer. As I create each piece I combine different materials in new and unexpected ways to make them “precious” and fun to the wear. My original designs are timeless, can be worn everyday and passed on to the next generation.

    A: I view my work as small unexpected treasures which will survive me.

    A: The way I incorporate new high techniques with classic metal smithing skills.

    A: The Maine Coast and the Adirondacks.

    A: Art is a universal language we can all understand. It brings about an emotion, whether positive or negative, which connects us as human beings.

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