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    By painting with enamels and sketching through wire, I try to create playful yet delicate compositions. I love to represent Indian motifs and imagery in a unique way, rendering a fresh perspective to Indian Jewelry. Color is a very important element in my work. It’s the joy of making; making something new, fresh and stretching the boundaries of what jewelry is and how it should be made, that motivates me.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I use collaging technique to build up form, often using sheet metal or hollow tubes. First the desired shapes are hand sawed from metal sheets/tubes. Wires are wrapped around those shapes to develop unique patterns. I then paint enamel over the patterns using meaningful combinations of colors. I fire the enameled surface multiple times till I get the right shine and color. The enameled piece is then set into handmade sterling silver elements and parts.

    A: I use vitreous enamels (fine glass powder suspended in water) on mix metal just like paint on canvas. The transformation of the paint strokes of enamels into glass surface on firing is a pure magic. I enjoy this unconventional way of using a very old jewelry technique of 'meenakari' or enameling. There is so much untapped potential with this technique, it really keeps me motivated to create and to innovate.

    A: Being an immigrant artist from India, my work is an intersection between my cultural identity and my experiences of the western world. It’s a unique language of design which is very individualistic yet relatable to many. I make my jewelry like a wearable pieces of art. The back of my statement jewelry pieces is designed in contrast to front, it is something only a wearer experience.

    A: My current body of work is inspired by a Japanese phrase NATSUKASHII, which means to get connected to an object that reminds you of your past. To bring this phrase to life I have worked on series of designs inspired from my personal nostalgia. While making these products I was constantly transported to places far and fond. I have tried to infuse that insatiable wanderlust in my jewelry pieces. The jewelry pieces are narrative and bring joy to anyone who can associate with that nostalgia.

    A: There have been many influences in my life that has brought me to make what I make. Especially during my MA in Jewelry and silversmithing at Edinburgh college of Art (Scotland), my enameling guide ‘Elizabeth Turrell’, and design mentors ‘Susan Cross’ and ‘Dorothy Hogg’ helped me find the design tools and skill set to express my ideas through jewelry.

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