Ultra Lit by SaraBeth Post

Ultra Lit by SaraBeth Post

About The Artist

SaraBeth Post • Turtle Creek, PA

Ultra Lit is a handmade glass brand focused on providing fine craft to brighten the everyday living experience. Glass is a unique material that Ultra Lit utilizes for its transparent qualities and its ability to mimic other materials like stone or ceramics. Techniques to make the Ultra Lit line include glassblowing, sandblasting, and engraving. The Ultra Lit color palette radiates bold, fun splashes of cheerful energy. Any home will be instantly refreshed with a tumbler, vase, or plate from this unique collection. Ultra Lit is made by SaraBeth Post, a Pittsburgh based artist studying pattern and color to explore human emotion and spirituality. SaraBeth earned her BFA in glass + 3D Studios from the University of Louisville in 2015 and completed the Core Fellowship at Penland in 2022. Ultra Lit was a pen name coined in college as a reflection on her navigation in the world as a light skinned mixed race woman.


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Q&A with the Artist

Tell us how your work is made.

My glass art incorporates techniques across the various studios of glass processing. I rely on being versatile in my skillset so that I can nurture the any idea. Glassblowing, coldworking, kilnforming, and flameworking all have a place in my practice.

What makes you passionate about the medium you work with?

I love glass for so many reasons! To start, the Glass community is a family and no matter where you travel to for making, we take care of one another. As far as the material itself, hot glass is mesmerizing, its true! It’s amazing to shape this molten, amorphous, seductive substance into a vessel or dish for daily use. Glass has the ability to mimic many other materials such as stone, precious gems, ceramics, and much more. This process of morphing through color, shape, texture, and opacity is a truly unique property.

What is something unique about you or your practice?

Although I am working in glass, the artwork can present itself as ceramic, stone, and many other materials because of the surface treatment. A matte-finish is achieved through sandblasting. However, all of the carved pattern work is lathe-engraved. Glass engraving requires diamond or stone wheels of various profiles to carve through the surface of the glass.