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    Twyla Dill is jewelry designer who works in metal and lace to make pieces that help to celebrate the wearer. She approaches her art and business with color and creativity and brings a unique combination of materials and perspective to the jewelry world. Her vision is to help every woman celebrate herself in the body she's in. She does this with pieces inspired by travel, color, mixed materials and stones. She's adorned thousands of happy customers over the last seven years and looks forward to helping even more women fall in love with themselves.

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    A: I love the process of fabrication, taking wire and bending and soldering it into shapes that often incorporate textural details like dots. After the metal components are finished and polished I get out my 0.55mm crochet hook and thread and crochet little frills, flowers and details to bring color and finish the piece. My newest collection is cast lace where I crochet intricate pieces and then cast them into solid metal, preserving their delicate shapes for you to wear.

    A: I absolutely love the contrast of unexpected materials and working with things in unusual ways. Using find cotton thread to make little crocheted details is a beautiful contrast to the metal, reminding us of the beauty of hard and soft in life. I am also thoroughly obsessed with color and adding in lace with the metal and gemstones gives my pieces even more life.

    A: Crochet on jewelry is absolutely unexpected! My new Cast Lace Collection is even more so as it takes delicate pieces I crochet and turns them into solid metal. I love how the extremely tiny details of the cast lace catch the light and almost seem to sparkle.

    A: I love to design from a place of pure delight. What colors practically seem to beg to be together, how do shapes want to play? And when I draw pieces before making them, how do they become what they want to be as I work? I'm not attached the the initial drawing, letting my hands and the pieces lead the way.

    A: I am inspired by the artists around me who are true to their own aesthetic and joy. When I first started making jewelry I wanted everything to appeal to a lot of people and I have been learning more and more over the years to be strong in my voice and perspective.

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