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  • About This Artist

    The work begins with my passion for travel. Fluidly weaving yarns together, I create physical, interwoven craft that creates a human connection between the maker and user. The experiences exploring six of the seven continents forge my creativity and help me connect to the diversity of history, arts, culture, nature and, most importantly, people. I work on a foot powered, 8-harness loom and approach each day with a sense of beauty, ritual, and tradition.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Selecting yarn is half the fun or challenge in creating my handwoven pieces. The yarns come from all over the globe; I seek out exceptional handspuns from the United States that share my love of craft. Color and texture are my goals in each piece, of course it starts with the yarn and what I want to do with it, scarf, shawl, or throw blanket.

    A: Making exquisite fiber art to adorn the body or abode is the direction I seek.

    A: Every morning I view my gorgeous yarn cache and it speaks to me, "Create beauty, joy, satisfaction today,"

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