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  • About This Artist

    The work begins with my passion for travel. Fluidly weaving yarns together, I create physical, interwoven craft that creates a human connection between the maker and user. The experiences exploring six of the seven continents forge my creativity and help me connect to the diversity of history, arts, culture, nature and, most importantly, people. I work on a foot powered, 8-harness loom and approach each day with a sense of beauty, ritual, and tradition.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: My work is created on an 8 harness, manual, American Made loom on the Upper Eastside of Manhattan.

    A: Creating fiber art for the body is a joy and challenge. The yarns, some custom hand spun, give me the most inspiration. Every fiber has its idiosyncrasies that I use to my advantage. A handwoven scarf becomes an extension of the wearer’s style. I love that thought.

    A: Mixing fibers, colors and textures are a hallmark of mine.,

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