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    Tree trunk arts is a collection of true-to-nature jewelry by Detroit-based BFA metalsmith Collyn DeBano. She gathers, transforms, and arranges ephemeral organic elements into precious pieces to be worn and treasured through the process of casting.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Each piece is one of a kind, due to the wonder of nature and the artist’s spin on the lost wax casting process. In brief, the plant parts are put into a wet plaster, then the dried plaster mold goes into a kiln for 8+ hours burning out the plant material and creating a mold. Molten metal is centrifugally thrown into the mold creating solid metal model to be then transformed into ready to wear jewelry.

    A: Casting is magic. It is the act of transforming an object from one material to another. Plant casting allows me to preserve and manipulate overlooked elements of nature, giving them value and reverence.

    A: No to pieces are the same. Using and destroying each organic element created pieces that are one-of-a-kind and designed by nature.

    A: Moments of wonder abound in tree trunk arts creation, from the discover and collecting in the wilds of nature, the heat of the kiln, to the fire and elemental change from organic to metal. It is a wonder and privilege to master the elements and create through fire.

    A: We are inspired by each other and our back and forth collaboration spurs us to create at a high level. Neither of us would create what we have created without the other there to inspire and push the other along.

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